Walking the Via Beata

The Via Beata Pilgrimage route is over 400 miles long and spans some beautiful stretches of England.  Traditional pilgrimage routes were about learning from God and about yourself on a journey that represented life itself.  The Via Beata is becoming an established route with written guides for every (roughly) ten miles and our artworks are frequent throughout the journey (though still many still to complete). 

On this page of the website you will find everything you need to walk the Via Beata route.

There is still work to do – maps to make, routes to waymark and artworks to complete, so please bear with us, and we’d love feedback or volunteer help to make this a route that remains for generations to come.

Via Beata Map

The continuously updating map of the Via Beata


If you are walking or riding the route, we’d love to see stories of your adventures.  We’d encourage you to make a video on each leg of your journey (between two waystations for example) and upload to social media using the Hashtags – #journeyViaBeata and #ViaBeata

OS maps required:

Here is a list of Ordinance survey maps that you will need if you wish to use explorer maps all the way across the UK for the full route. 

OS 1:25000 Maps

OL35               North   Pembrokeshire

Explorer 185   Newcastle Emlyn

Explorer 186   Llandeilo & Brechfa Forest

Explorer 187 Llandovery

Explorer 188   Builth Wells

Explorer 201   Knighton & Presteigne

Explorer 202   Leominster & Bromyard

Explorer 204   Worcester & Droitwich Spa

Explorer 205   Straford-upon-Avon & Evesham

Explorer 220   Birmingham

Explorer 221   Coventry & Warwick

Explorer 222   Rugby & Daventry

Explorer 223   Northampton & Market Harborough

Explorer 224   Corby, Kettering & Wellingborough

Explorer 225   Huntingdon & St Ives

Explorer 226   Ely & Newmarket

Explorer 227   Peterborough

Explorer 228   March & Ely

Explorer 229   Thetford Forest in The Brecks

Explorer 230   Diss & Harleston

Explorer 237   Norwich

Explorer 231   Southwold & Bungay

OL 40              The Broads


Route Guides

Start Point Finish Point Distance (Miles) Downloadable PDF  
Norfolk & Suffolk        
Lowestoft Ringsfield Hall 13 1. Lowesoft to Ringsfield V1.1  
Ringsfield Hall Ditchingham 11  2. Ringsfield to Ditchingham V1.1  
Ditchingham Great Moulton 13 3. Ditchingham to Great Moulton V1.1  
Great Moulton Banham 10 4. Great Moulton to Banham V1.1  
Banham  Quidenham 1.5 5. Banham to Quidenham V1.1  
Quidenham Roudham Heath 7 6. Quidenham to Roudham Heath V1.1  
Roudham Heath Brandon 12 7 . Roudham Heath to Brandon V1.1  
Brandon Sedgefen   Coming Soon  
Sedgefen Ely 11 9. Sedgefen to Ely V1.1  
Ely Stretham  6 10. Ely to Stretham V1.1  
Stretham Bluntisham 12 11. Stretham to Bluntisham V1.1  
Bluntisham  St Ives 7 12. Bluntisham to St Ives V1.1  
St Ives  Little Stukeley 13 13. St Ives to Little Stukeley V1.1  
Little Stukeley Little Gidding 14. Little Stukeley to Little Gidding V1.1  
Little Gidding Raunds 11 15. Little Gidding to Raunds V1.1  
Raunds Great Harrowden 11 16. Raunds to Great Harrowden V1.1  
Great Harrowden Brixworth 12 17. Great Harrowden to Brixworth V1.1  
Brixworth West Haddon 12 18. Brixworth to West Haddon V1.1  
West Haddon Ashby St Ledgers 6 19. West Haddon to Ashby St Ledgers V1.1  
Ashby St Ledgers Wolfhampcote 4 20. Ashby St Ledgers to Wolfhampcote V1.1  
Wolfhampcote Leamington Hastings 6 21. Wolfhampcote to leamington Hastings V1.1  
Leamington Hastings Leamington Spa 10 22. Leamington Hastings to Leamington Spa V1.1  
Leamington Spa Redhill Centre 10 23. Leamington Spa to Redhill Centre V1.1  
Redhill Centre Coughton 11 24. Redhill to Coughton V1.1  
Coughton  Dormston 8 25. Coughton to Dormston V1.1  
Dormston Worcester 12 26. Dormston to Wocester V1.1  
Worcester Knightwick 9 27. Worchester to Knightwick V1.1  
Knightwick Stoke Lacy 9 28. Knightwick to Stoke Lacy V1.1  
Stoke Lacy Bodenham 10  29. Stoke Lacy to Bodenham V1.1  
Bodenham  Weobley 10 30. Bodenham to Weobley V1.1  
Weobley Eardisley 8 31. Weobley to Eardisley V1.1  
Eardisley Hay-On-Wye 9 32. Eardisley to Hay on Wye V1.1  
Hay on Wye Boughrood Brest 8 33. Hay on Wye to Boughrood Brest V1.1  
Boughrood Brest Builth Wells 12 34. Boughrood Brest to Builth Wells V1.1  
Builth Wells Llangammarch Wells 13 35. Builth Wells to Llangammarch Wells V1.1  
Llangammarch Wells Llanwrtyd Wells 5 36. Llangammarch Wells to Llanwrtyd Wells V1.1  
Llanwrtyd Wells Cynghordy 8 37. Llanwrtyrd Wells to Cynghordy V1.1  
Cynghordy  Caio 10 38. Cynghordy to Caio V1.1  
Caio  Rhydcymerau 10 39. Caio to Rhydcymerau V1.1  
Rhydcymerau Pen-Rhiw 14 40. Rhydcymerau to Pen Rhiw V1.1  
Pen-Rhiw  Henllan 6 41. Pen Rhiw to Henllan V1.1  
Henllan Crymych 16 42. Henllan to Crymych V1.1  
Crymych Ffald-y-Brenin 13 43. Crymych to Ffald-y-Brenin V1.1  
Ffald-y-Brenin Letterston 11 44. Ffald-y-Brenin to Letterston V1.2  
Letterston Llanhowel 9.5 45. Letterston to Llanhowel V1.1  
Llanhowel Solva 4 46. Llanhowel to Solva V1.3  
Solva St David’s 4 47. Solva to St Davids V1.1  
St David’s  St David’s Head 6 48. St Davids to St Davids Head V1.1  

Guide Update date – 8th June 2023
Guides are subject to change and we cannot guarantee error free.  But we do our best!

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