The Glory of God Gives it Light

The Glory of God Gives It Light, Kirkley Church Yard.

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The Glory of God Gives It Light, Kirkley St Peter and St John Church yard
The words on this art-work come from
The Revelation of John chapter 21 v 23.
John was a prisoner on the Island of Patmos, where he was shown an amazing vision of Heavenly things. His record of what he saw makes up the last book of the Bible.
Towards the end of this book, John is given a glimpse of the “Heavenly City”. It is so wonderful that he struggles to find suitable
words to describe it.
Here he tries to explain the nature of the supernatural light in the place, and how it touches the nations of the world.
Our prayer is that something of this heavenly light will infuse the town of Lowestoft, bringing blessing to everyone.

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