Churches Offering Free Accommodation to Pilgrims

Churches Offering Free Accommodation to Pilgrims

By Adam Jackson, Administrator.

Pilgrim Rebecca Travels across Britain this June.

I am often very excited to find connections to the Via Beata that have grown up organically from seeds that we did not even know about.  Its beautiful to see something of God’s eye view of the bigger picture.

If you look at #ViaBeata on instagram a whole collection of photos people have taken from their walks of the way markers (often asking puzzled questions); artists constructing artworks; tourists visiting waystations all going on without any curation by me (Adam, the administrator).
Recently a number of churches and church organisations have gotten on board with the idea of offering space to pilgrims to have a simple place to stay as they walk the Via Beata.  This is something that is occurring without much push from us, but is getting talked about more and more and now is actually happening in a number of locations.
Rebecca is a pilgrim setting out in a few days to walk the Via Beata from East to West using some of the churches that have offered a place for pilgrims to stay:

Pilgrim Rebecca will be walking the Via Beata from Monday June 27th 2022, staying overnight in churches that have agreed to provide sanctuary to walking pilgrims that bring all they need with them (i.e. a sleeping mat and sleeping bag and food).  The churches are giving a space, access to a toilet and to drinking water.  We hope more pilgrims will follow the route.  Rebecca said:
” I am preparing this week for the journey, both my body, especially feet (blister packs, ankle bandages) and my soul, praying and practicing mindful walking as I do my normal routines at home ”
Rebecca will be tweeting through the journey (phone connexions allowing) @CPilgrimages

One such church is St Peter’s at Nene Crossing on the Via Beata.  They have begun offering free, simple accommodation with toilet facilities to Via Beata Pilgrims.  You can read more and book in here: Via Beata and St Peter’s 
On the Camino De Santiago, pilgrims simply show their shell badge that is worn on the pilgrimage and people will offer a nights stay at reduced or even free cost.  Maybe there is some symbol the Via Beata pilgrims should adopt as a sign of their journey.
You can find out more about Church Walking Pilgrimages at:
If you would like to offer space for pilgrims on the Via Beata for a night on their travels, get in touch with us at