Steve and Gill Head West

On Saturday the 4th of September, we had the joy of joining Through Faith Missions for their annual conference and celebration after completion of their Walk The Way Mission.  Many testimonies of lives touched and the Lord’s wonderful provision.

We presented Tim and Georigina with the carved board for their new office. It was made by the team at Rowancroft.

Have a look at the video below where Steve presents the board to the group meeting for the conference at the Red Hill Centre.



The wall

The wall on the side of the old Baptist Chapel at Llandwyrtd Wells just asking for an artwork!

On Sunday the 5th of September, we set off for Wales.  There we met with Jerry and Paula Garry at LLangammarch Wells to deliver the artwork for the waystation there.  They had prepared a beautiful little garden with a lovely, roofed stand to hold the artwork.  That evening after a substantial roast beef dinner, Jerry and Paula took us to Llanwyrtd Wells.  There we met David, who is the pastor of a little Baptist chapel.  It has a wonderful blank wall over-looking the nearby carpark.  We are planning to use the wall for an artwork.

Llanwyrtd Wells is noted for all manners of odd matters.  It is the smallest town in the UK.  The Pub is the headquarters of Monster Raving Loonie Party.  In the locality there are a number of annual contests.  One is a man vs. horse race over a cross country course, another is the World Championships of Mud Snorkelling.  So you can understand why they made contact with us!

On Monday we called in at Hay on Wye to look at the bench.  We were rather encouraged to see that the writing on the bench was clearly visible.  The information board on the wall behind was in need of replacement.  From Hay on Wye we travelled eastwards to Eardisley where we stayed a night with Mike and Sue Hawthorne and the following morning we went with them to meet the local vicar and some members of the PCC to discuss the possibility of a waystation there.

The next day on Wednesday the 8th of September we went to Wolfhamcote where we met with Christine Sanderson at the church.  This Church is a deconsecrated church in a very remote area and we are hoping to be able to place a sculpture in the church itself.  We are awaiting a decision on the Churches Conservation Trust.

The new artwork for Wolfhamcote