Giant Cross at mid-point of Via Beata

The massive cross, which was carved by the team at Steve Eggleton’s workshop over the past few months, has finally been finished.

The relief carving on the cross is of a wild OLIVE TREE grafted in to the cultivated stock, which is Israel. It refers to the passage in Romans chapter 11, where Paul quotes from Hosea “I will say to those who are not my people, ‘You are my people’, and they will say ‘You are my God’.”


Work begins on carving the massive cross






Carving the olive leaves

“You are my God”










The next task was to drive it over to Redhill Christian Centre near Stratford upon Avon where the cross will form the central waystation on the Via Beata route.


The cross was loaded and packed up the night before.

Loading the cross into the lorry

Steve ensures the cross is safe to travel











The lorry driven by Rob Comer, rolled out of the yard at Rowancroft at 6.30 am on the morning of 21st June , and after a trouble free journey, arrived at the Red Hill Centre at 9. 45 am .

Cross in place at the Red Hill Centre


With gravity on their side, unloading was very straight forward, so after a glass of juice, a few instructions about installing it, and a prayer together, they were once again on the road, arriving home by 5.30 pm.