Bluntisham workshop full to capacity


St Mary’s Church in Bluntisham was the scene of excited activity last weekend when families from the village and surrounding area came together to carve relief figures for a wooden sculpture which will eventually be placed over the arched doorway in the porch.   When completed it will become a way station on the Via Beata.

Over the weekend, Steve Eggleton helped young and old to start to learn how to carve the figures.    Steve said, “I had a box of sticking plasters on the dash board in the car in case of any cuts, but they were still there untouched at the end of the weekend.”

The finished art-work will depict the scripture from Luke 13.  ‘Many will come from the east and the west, and the north and the south and take their place at the feast in the Kingdom of God.‘   This was chosen because the Greenwich Meridian goes through the west of the parish.


There was lots of opportunity to talk  with people.   On the Sunday, Steve had the joy of preaching at the celebration service at the end of the weekend and said, “I felt that the people were very receptive to God’s word.”   The plan is to complete the carvings at the workshop at Banham, and prepare them for painting, at which point they will return to Bluntisham for a workshop to paint them.