Help the Via Beata raise money for the Lowestoft pier project!

Hand carved wall clock made 
from English Sycamore, 
made by Via Beata director 
Steve Eggleton nearly 30 years ago.  
As featured in Woodcarving Magazine. 
The clock features four figures sitting at a circular table. They each represent the quarter positions.  At each other point is an item which relates in some way to the numerical value for that position.

The clock is about 16 inches in diameter. It is carved from English sycamore, and is powered by a quartz movement. It would grace any room in your house, even your shed!

Back in 1997, Steve made a carved clock for the board-room of a Thetford manufacturing company. Patricia, who was the financial director at that time, is now one of our Via Beata prayer partners.
     The company ceased trading some years ago, but Patricia kept the clock. She has now brought it back to Rowancroft, in the hope that it might raise some funds towards the sculpture at Lowestoft, (for which we will have to make the final payment, once it is installed on the South Pier).
     At the time Steve made the clock, he wrote an article about it for ‘Woodcarving’ magazine. Patricia has kept a copy of this article, which sits in the box with the clock. It documents the whole designing and making process.

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