New way station at Little Stukeley

Joy as the latest way station is finished

Joy as the latest way station is finished

The latest in the line of Way Stations was erected on Saturday 9th May, by a small team at Little Stukeley in Huntingdon.


The relief panel was mostly designed and carved by a team from 7Cs, a charity which was set up to help people get back into work through giving them new skills.   It illustrates the bible passage from Matthew 11 when Jesus calls to those who are weary and burdened and offers them rest.   On the left is a treadmill on which those are bound who have been caught up through negative emotions and actions, such as anger, greed and addiction.  On the right, is the figure of a man free-wheeling on a unicycle, hands held aloft celebrating his freedom.  The text here is taken from John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” where Christian comes to the cross and his burden falls away.

The shelter was made by Tim Playford (left), Joanna Murray, a past member of Seven Cs who helped with the carving.    On the right are Eric and Dave from the Grace Fellowship in Little Stukeley, who were a great help in digging holes and lifting the sections into place.

A service of blessing for this way-station is being planned for Sunday 14th June.